søndag 9. april 2017

Song of the Day: "La La La La" by Ari Lennox

You guys, if you are not listening to Ari Lennox then you need fix that right quick. Seriously. I first came across this phenomenal singer-songwriter while watching Black and Sexy TV with my sister. That network always a spectacular job of highlighting amazing independent black artists. I think the first track we heard was "Cascade". My sister, being the super sleuth that she is, tracked down the song and the artist. And we became quite smitten with Ari Lennox after this. 

Most recently I have been obsessed with song of hers called "La La La La". I think I first heard this song on a Black and Sexy show, though I can't quite remember which one. It popped up in my Spotify Daily Mix a few days ago and I have had it on repeat since. 

Lennox is a DC.based artist (honestly, the DC-scene is lit, y'all) and is one of the most phenomenal lyricists and vocalists in the industry at the moment, in my humble opinion. She writes songs that  beautifully capture the bitter-sweetness of life and love without tipping into either the morose or the saccharine. I hope you treat yourself to a listen today to her debut EP, PHO today. 

To read more about Ari Lennox, check out this feature on her in the FADER.

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