fredag 14. april 2017

Styleinspo a la Desiree Venn Fredric

This week's style favourite is Desiree Venn Frederic. Venn Fredric is based in D.C. and is the founder of Nomad Yard Collectiv. Her style is fantastic. It has dramatic elements, gorgeous textures, and playful prints, you name it. I could go on and on, but images speak louder than words so I'll let you peruse for yourself.

An excerpt from an interview with the sartorial ace, herself:

"venn frederic says her “instinctual and inborn” sense of style shifts in tandem with her sense of self. “i maintain fluidity in style … i allow space for shifts, correction, progression, reinvention and appreciation." 

Image c/o Venn Frederic's Instagram

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