torsdag 6. april 2017

Styleinspo a la Erykah Achebe

I've been following Erykah Achebe on Instagram for quite some time and have loved watching her interpretation of fashion and personal style over the year. It seems as though she is interpreting her clothes are like paint and her body as the canvas, and boy does she produce some masterpieces. I really that she does not allows seasons or trends to dictate her style, or limit her expression. She fuses Nigerian and American sartorial to create the dopest fits. Here are some my favourite looks:

A quote from Erykah from a recent article Vogue's Marjon Carlos wrote about her:
"An African women’s style is her vehicle of expression. I think my earliest memory of being conscious of fashion started during my primary years of schooling. My mother really inspired my unique interpretation of style. I remember watching her getting dressed for a Nigerian party and observing all of the elaborate headwear and bold use of colors and mixing of textures. It was from that point on that my secret love affair with fashion began."

Images c/o Google

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