mandag 10. april 2017

Styleinspo a la MaamaYaa Boafo

When I am searching for outfit inspiration, I always know that MaameYaa Boafo's Instagram will be a source of wonderful ideas. Boafo is a New York-based actress of Ghanaian descent who was born in Paskistan and grew in up Ethiopia before moving the US for college. In this TedTalk, she outlines her journey to pursuing her passion to be an actress. Boafo is perhaps best known for her lead role as Nana Yaa in the hit web series, An African City

Boafo has an incredibly sartorial sensibility. I think this is partially due to the third culture kid nature of her upbringing, for the varying cultural influences are evident in her style. She moves freely between different colours, textures and silhouttes, emboyding the idea of style are form of play and expression. I also love that (like me) Boafo loves a good hat or headwrap and rocks her natural tresses with confidence. Below are some of my favourite looks styled and sported by Boafo.

Boafo is married to Ghanaian musician Abiah. Their couple style is so on point!

On her website, Boafo keeps a log of her stylish character, Nana Yaa's sartorial adventures. You can find it here. For more of her own day to day style snaps, follow her on Instagram.

Images c/o Maame Yaa's Instagram

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