onsdag 26. april 2017

Swoon: Issa Amb

I have often come across photos of Senegalese artist, curator, and visionary, Issa Amb taken by street style photographers, but I had honestly never taken the time to learn more about who he was. I learnt of his passing today and the name of this amazing artist who image had repeatedly caught my interest with his incredible style and dignified air. Samb was one of the founding members of the Laboratoire Agit'Art in 1973 and an internationally recognized artist known for a ground-breaking approach that incorporated sculpture, painting, and performance. He has brought so much to Senegal, Africa, and the world as an artist and a human being. I am sad that I did not know more about him while he was alive. I am grateful for his contributions and look forward to learning more about his work. 

Image c/o Christa Holka

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