onsdag 10. mai 2017

Song of the Day: "Petit Afrique" by Somi

It's always exciting to come across musicians who are artists in the truest sense of the word. Somi is an an artist, through and through. From her thoughtful and playful lyrical constructions to the gorgeous melodies on which they dance. Somi makes music for the African diapora and for the people who inhabit it. She makes songs that make you feel understood, that make you feel connected to those who live within the words and sounds of her songs. Her newest album is called Petit Afrique. The songs I have heard so far are "Alien" and "Black Enough". The first is a reworking of Sting's "Englishman in New York" that re-imagines the protagonist as an African. The second takes up the topic of identity politics within the black diaspora. Both are spectacular song. Somi and her music are blessing. If you haven't already, get hip and marvel in her artisty.

søndag 7. mai 2017

Ghanaian Bliss, Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos, and Rei Kawakubo

Another day, another list:

1. I want to go Ghana so bad, I keep daydreaming about it. The photo above is from my 2014 visit,
2. Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos are nectar of the Gods!
3. Rei Kawakubo is my hero - introverts unite!
4. This giant and very old book is being digitized. The museum nerd in me is every excited about it.
5. I feel so understood watching this video. Quinta Brunson is ace.

fredag 5. mai 2017

Styleinspo a la Yamilla Beers

 Yamilla Beers is a master of sartorial minimalism. Her style is trademarked by solid neutrals and clean lines. She infuses flavour into her outfits by combining different textures and cuts, often tying looks together with a cool pair of sneakers. She is master of blending classically masculine and feminine pieces to create seamless ensembles. Beers shows that simplicity never goes out of style.

For more of Yamilla's dope style, check out her blog or her Instagram page.

Image c/o Beers' Instagram

torsdag 4. mai 2017

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 100 (Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World)

After working on these 100 Days of Positive Thinking for almost three years (wow, I still can't believe that it took me that long), I have reached the very last day of this endeavour. After a strong start, a dwindling middle and a return to form over the last few months, I have really enjoyed this. Growing up is hard. It can be difficult to maintain the optimism we possess when we are little as life's challenges rock our proverbial boats, letting on water and all manner of driftwood. I guess when I started this I was looking for an opportunity to regain some of that. 

Yes, the world is wild place. Bad things happen every day. But the world is also a mind-blowingly beautiful! Good, beautiful things also happen every day. It is good to be conscious, it is good to care. But it is also incredibly important to pay attention to the good things that happen. To notice how shockingly blue the sky is. To fall in love with a song, put it on repeat, and dance till you're out of breath. To let a ray of sunshine wash over your face, blinding you with bliss in the process. Life is weird and beautiful, you gotta take the rain with sunshine. Like my dad told me a few weeks back, hope is what life is made of, what keeps us moving. So here's to positivity and joy in this cruel, crazy, beautiful world (cue Johnny Clegg). Here is to hope. Here is to my last list for this challenge: 

1. My amazing family. Quoting Shonda Rhimes, we are "never perfect, constantly evolving, always united."I love me some them.
2. Obsessed with the dress Quinta has here (and maybe cop some Adidas Superstars too)
3. Chimamanda Adichie and Trevor Noah in conversation - pure gold!
4. Haruki Murakami's wildly impressive record collection (music and literature are my ish)
5. 21 Badass Black Feminist to follow on Instagram
6. This Fader article on the band, Ibeyi and their home in Cuba

I might continue these lists just as a regular feature on here. They've been fun to put together. Or maybe restart the 100 Days? Who knows. Hopefully it won't take me 3 years to get through the next installment!

tirsdag 2. mai 2017

Song of the Day: "Speak Low" by Billie Holiday

The first hint of warmer weather tends pull me toward jazz music. Recently I have been particularly drawn to Billie Holiday soulful croon. As mentioned a couple of posts back, I am getting back to my musical roots and have made it mission to learn "Speak Low" and put my own spin on it. While I practice, I am drawing plenty of inspiration from Lady Day.

Speak low when you speak, love
Our summer day withers away too soon, too soon
Speak low when you speak, love
Our moment is swift, like ships adrift, we're swept apart, too soon

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 99 (Dad as Toddler, Zadie Smith, and Entrepreneurs)

1. An adorable photo of my papa (on the right) and his big sis when they were young 'uns
2. Zadie Smith and Anne Patchet chatting it up
3. The caption to this photo (Upile Chisala is an amazing wordsmith)
4. This dude has me straight cacklin' (that twerk!)
5. Entrepreneurs who made it after the age of 30 (keep chasing those dreams!)

mandag 1. mai 2017

Swoon: Jeff Goldblum (in a food truck)

I am living for this photo of the baest of baes, Jeff Goldblum, manning a food truck. I would buy all the sandwiches he selling. 
Image c/o Google

100 Days of Positive Thinking: Day 98 (Roadtripping, Feeling Your Feelings, and Brazilian Music)

1. Road-tripping to Iowa this weekend with my sister and two friends
2. Bilphena Yahwon on feeling your feelings and calling them by name
3. This entire thread and Solange putting her stamp of approval on it
4. Lupita Nyongo being luminous as usual
5. Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil on their music, friendship, and shared homeland