mandag 9. juni 2014

100 Days of Positive Thinking/Things I'm Thankful For: Day 1

This past semester was busy, and just plain rough. At times it was really difficult to stay positive and I often let negative thought patterns get the best of me. This seeped into summer break, and instead of recharging, enjoying some well-earned free time before setting off for my travels, I ended up wallowing. So my sister came up with an idea to the beat the negativity and to try be more more optimistic, hopeful and thankful about our lives and our experiences - 100 days of positive thought.

At the end of last year, I saw a post by Sade of a In My Sunday Best, where she shared her Sunday morning ritual of writing down good things that had happened throughout her week in order to keep negativity at bay.  So I started keeping a journal of thanksgiving/happy moments, and it was truly transformative for me. I thought I would share some of the things I'm thankful for here on the blog as part of my positive thinking challenge.

Things I'm thankful for - June, 9th, 2014
1) My sister, who is always there for me
2) My parents, who wake up early and stay up late to talk with me across time zones
3) Binge-watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix with my sister and her roommate
4) Hazed and Confused Core by Ben and Jerry's
5) Reading for leisure - Currently rereading About a Boy by Nick Hornby
6) Cups of Ginger Peach Tea
7) Sherlock - Just started it and I am already sold
8) Munching on ice cubes - Terrible addiction

Feeling happy with lots of ice in my cup, haha!

What are you thankful for today?


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